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My Stylish Home Companion

  • The story behind BETTERFOLLOW

Design inspiration always comes from loneliness, and loneliness leads us forward. We believe that a person spends at least average 1/2 of his life with furniture. You will be shocked that if every great design and every great work of art is created by a person who is alone in a room, the inspiration for the design always comes from loneliness. In fact, there are countless living individuals around you who are giving you inspiration, comforting your soul, and giving you the most loyal companion!
A person is like the date of birth of each design of furniture, we have systematically traced the life of each piece of furniture. From our exploration of different combinations of living substances around the world into our original materials – the seeds of life, to a group of enthusiastic furniture craftsmen who continue to meticulously polish their creations into semi-finished products – the care of the seeds. Finally, a brand-new combined life form is truly born after the comprehensive inspection by the furniture craftsman. It silently appears in front of you, listen to your wonderful praise for it.

  • Brand Vision

Although life is lonely, BetterFollow hope to give you spiritual and physical release when you are tired, art of intoxication when you are depressed, and good memories when you are free! We wish everyone in the world can find their own partner of life, BetterFollow will always be with you!

  • Brand Values – Effortlessly own your own exclusive furniture time

Everyone says that good things must be expensive? Not necessarily! And we did research on furniture life science: a low-end quality furniture has an average lifespan of 3-6 months, and a mid-end quality furniture has an average lifespan of 1-5 years, a high-end quality furniture life expectancy average 5-20 years. So how to choose cost-effective and suitable the one for you? We have made a neutral choice in furniture life, and fashionable home companion is our final choice. The average lifespan of the furniture we design is 3-10 years. We believe that this time is suitable, whether you love it enough, and whether you need it for long-term company! If it can talk, I hope you can listen to it.

  • Join us — BetterFollowTeam

BetterFollow team members come from all over the world, we love every great work of furniture from the heart. A group of creative individuals are constantly joining us, even every customer may become our brand value promoter and we will pay an additional promotion fee to them.

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